Software Development for HP Prime

Everything related to development for the HP Prime calculator.
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Software Development for HP Prime

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Prime Plus Language
P+ is a proprietary programming language designed to mitigate the challenges associated with code maintenance and comprehensibility in the HP Programming Language (PPL). PPL does not support pre-processing or multiple files, resulting in a single large file that can be unwieldy to manage. P+ serves as an intermediary language that addresses these issues by introducing support for pre-processing and facilitating code organization. P+ code is pre-processed into a single PPL file for the HP Prime calculator.

Insoft exclusively employs a proprietary programming language known as P+ for developing software intended for the HP Prime. Insoft has made the decision to release the software responsible for converting P+ to PPL to the general public. This software, developed internally, allows external developers to utilize the specialized programming language by seamlessly converting their own code written in P+ into PPL.

The + proprietary programming language is susceptible to change, while also maintaining a certain degree of compatibility with previous revisions.

About the P+ Language P+ Pre-Processor
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